the truth about going through a heartache in your 30s

1 min readJun 14, 2023

that it is all too familiar

just like any other hungover, you know the drill. so you pack your social calendar, you hang out with your friends, you do things that make you happy, and you drink just enough at parties so you don’t start being a crying mess.

you know the emotions that are about to hit you, and you also know from experience that the best way to get over anything is to feel everything as it comes but just like any other hangover you get, you never know when the headache will hit you. some days you are going to feel completely fine, you are going to go through your day just like you always do, and before you know it, you’d be around the corner doing something completely normal and there, something random — a scent, a picture, a road sign, is going to remind you of a memory that you shared. you feel the corner of your mouth tweaking into a smile and then. it hits you. reality hits you straight back. and there you felt it. the sour tight little pull on your left chest.

but you’ve learnt — so you stopped questioning the what if and stopped crying over the bad timings, and learn to except that everything happened for a reason & believe that everything will always fall back into place. and just like any other hangover & a hopefully good night out, you will always choose to do it again.