Day 3: Sometimes the Happiest people you know are the Saddest

Because they know how terrible it feels to feel absolutely worthless

Wanted a go at sketching the human eye so this was my first attempt after searching a tutorial online. I felt much better today, and i’m thankful to Janelle-from-yesterday who held on to that 1% of hope.

Today was one of the first in a very very long time or at least for as long as i can remember — that i didn’t tear secretly the moment i got on my cab or start having very dark thoughts as i watched the world rolled past me and actually felt ok. baby steps i promise, and being OK is the very best i can gather now.

breathing actually didn’t like it’s a sin today. i can’t explain to you how thankful i am to feel alive today.

if you are here for unicorns and roses, i apologise